The Finnish tango night.

This summer I brought my new Leica Monochrom with me to the dance pavilions located in the forests of Finland.

On warm summer evenings Finns gather to dance waltz, humppa, jenkka and tango.

Tango dancing has had a long tradition in Finland ever since it arrived in the 1920s and after Argentina, Finland is the biggest tango dancing country in the world.  

The Finnish tango is slower and simpler than the original Argentine version and is nearly always written in a minor key which makes it more melancholy, with lyrics about lost love and sorrow, full of emotions and feelings.

I'm not a great tango dancer but I enjoyed taking these pictures so much because the people I met and the songs I heard brought back so many memories of past summers in Finland.  I felt such a connection with every beat I heard while trying to capture the culture of a Finnish summer evening.

Enjoy. See more images in the Personal/projects section of my website. 

Slow, slow, quick, quick...