The day the animals wore shoes.

Being asked to create these San Diego Zoo ads featuring these magical, giant animal puppets from “The Journey,” a musical processional honoring the Zoo’s 100-year history, and the quest to end extinction, was an animal lover’s dream come true.

Created by the Puppet Kitchen, a total of 24 creatures were built for the festivities.  20 puppeteers worked for over a year, using hundreds of different materials to perfect them.

Honoring this craft and care became my inspiration throughout.  Lucky for me living in California meant that I had front row access to find and photograph the perfect landscapes.  Between having perfect backdrops and ideal skies I created the stories of these beautiful creatures and their surroundings.

My thanks to Art Director Ron Tapia and Art Producer Brian Bushaw at M&C Saatchi LA for asking me to collaborate for this wonderful campaign.

Check out the video and see how the images were created.