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Eight Annual Off The Clock exhibit.

Please join APA LA in celebrating the winners of the Annual Off The Clock curated exhibit of personal photography. Each year photographers from around the World submit their best, most creative personal images to be curated by an industry luminary. Out of thirteen-hundred submissions, our curator selects only one-hundred images for this inspiring exhibition.This year the very talented and esteemed curator, W.M. Hunt, is taking the reins to put together a unique, compelling collection of images for Off The Clock.
I am happy to have two images in the exhibition. TIN MAN: No need to look further. Tin Man has found his heart and love, a home sewn from the same steel, a tin camper. Onto adventures outside of Oz! LOST ANIMALS: Traveling in China I came across a big statue factory full of big, shiny, beautiful statues. But what I found behind the factory on the field was far more interesting to me. Lots of “lost heroes”. Statues and molds thrown away and left there.