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Länge leve Saab!

While traveling through the Finnish countryside this summer I happened upon a sort of hokey Saab car gang. Saab was a car I always hated when I was young and living in Finland. Saab drivers seemed tasteless. They were listening to Tango and Humppa music when I was into Pink Floyd and The Kinks. (I think we all have these hard views when we are teenagers).

I met some Saab enthusiasts at their summer gathering in Northern Savonia, and I started to see those cars in a totally different light and found the owners to be easy going, nice folks.

Their cars suddenly fit the laid-back, lakeside lifestyle Finns adopt for the summer. Through my lens the cars become as much a part of the scenery as the surrounding trees and unruffled lakes. Some of the cars were the same models I had seen as a child, but I found a new charm and excitement in them.

Suddenly, I heard the tango music in a totally different key, and long after they had gone out of production, the cars began to sing stories to me. Länge leve Saab!

PS. I can’t wait to perhaps capture some Saabs in the cold harsh winter of Finland as well.