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Lürzer’s Int’l Archive 200 best out.

From Michael Weinzetti, the editor-in-chief: “It’s a great pleasure for me to announce that our latest installment of our 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide biennial is finally available now. Putting it together has been a long process. This time around, we had the highest number of submissions, over 10,000, as well as the most jury members in the history of the 200 Best series. The resulting book has a total 476 pages and – in spite of the “200”of the title – is featuring the truly stunning work of 227 adverting photographers from 36 countries. In the end, there was so much beautiful work that we didn’t want to limit ourselves to the 200 in the series’s title, which was somewhat randomly chosen when we first started the series almost a decade ago. Obviously, at least to those who are familiar with the world of ad photography and its various markets, the US is represented by the highest number of photographers – a cool 83 – while Germany comes in second with 48, followed by the UK with 22″.