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My newest project: NOBO, Humanoid Service Robot

It isn’t always easy to explain where the spark for my personal projects comes from, especially if it begins with something like “the robot was always looking at me.”
Constructed by an English artist just for a shoot – this life-sized robot came to us from the set of a commercial we shot in California a few years ago.
Our handsome robot – we call him NOBO – moved with us around California, and he was always present, looking at me it seemed, when I brushed past or grabbed my bicycle from the garage.
And each time I would find myself pausing for a moment to wonder what he might be doing or thinking, and I’d picture him in a scene – a snapshot of his experience. But I wasn’t quite sure what to do with him, if these scenes were part of a larger story.
Through my personal photography, I’ve explored the human experience through many lenses, and against numerous backdrops. And it occurs to me that with NOBO, perhaps I’m doing the same through a robot, as I imagine him struggling with his own humanness.
This newest project, NOBO Series, is built around NOBO the humanoid service robot prototype, and his journey from development and promise through to his weakness and ultimate obsoleteness.
When I pop this robot into strange situations, place him in a setting of a vintage photo, imagine his awkwardness, I hope there is humor and lightness for the viewer. I want them to wonder “what will that NOBO get himself into next?”
I am as curious as anyone. So I will continue to follow the wonder as I shuffle through the photo boxes at the vintage store for inspiration. Follow along, there is more to NOBO’s story for us to discover.
The evolving NOBO Series and background story can be found at, and his adventures continue on Instagram at @noborobot”